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Early bird registration deadline: 25 April 2018.

Final submission deadline 25 April 2018  is extended to 2 May 2018 at the request of many authors.



At the request of many authors, we extend the submission deadline to Feb 7th, 2018. Please note that this deadline is final and will not be changed.


Proposals for mini-course

February 7, 2018

2-4 page description

 Invited session

Proposal for invited session

January 20, 2018

2-4 page summary

Invited session full paper

February 7, 2018

4-8 page full paper

Invited session extended abstract

February 7, 2018

2-4 page extended abstract

Contributed talks

Contributed session paper

February 7, 2018

4-8 page full paper

Contributed session extended abstract

February 7, 2018

2-4 page extended abstract


Manuscripts submitted as full papers will undergo a peer review process. Extended abstracts will undergo a simplified review process. The submission of papers, extended abstracts, and proposals for invited sessions and mini-courses is via the Papercept submission site.

We are currently working with IFAC for an additional possible option for authors who are willing to have their papers published under IFAC Papers Online (with a small extra publication cost). Authors must submit a full paper initially if they choose this option.


Full papers must adhere to the following rules:


Extended abstracts must adhere to the following rules:


 Proposals for invited sessions:

  • Each invited session consists of 5-6 papers/extended abstracts, dealing with several issues of a unified theme. Each talk lasts for 20 minutes. The proposals should contain a 2-4 page long summary statement in pdf format describing the relevance and importance of the session, including a brief summary of the invited papers. Each paper in a proposed invited session will be first individually reviewed, and then the invited session will be evaluated as a whole. The International Programme Committee reserves the right to accommodate the accepted papers from rejected invited sessions into the regular programme.

  • The invited session proposals should be submitted using the Papercept system by the session organizer(s). After the submission of the proposal, the invited session will be assigned a code that the session organizers will receive and have to communicate to the session participants.

  • The session participants can then submit their papers as invited papers indicating the session code and following the submission procedure in Papercept.


Proposals for mini-courses: 

  • A mini-course consists of 1 or possibly 2 blocks. Each block lasts for 100 or 125 minutes.

  • Each block consists of 2-4 talks in the case of 100 minutes and 3-5 talks in the case of a 125-minute mini course, prepared and presented in a unified and coherent manner by a team of at most 4 people.

  • The length of each talk is 50 or 25 minutes. A mini-course proposal would require a 2-4 page long extended abstract providing the structure of the whole mini-course, with no requirement of abstracts for the individual talks.


The call for papers can be downloaded here:  CFP_MTNS2018





For any inquiries or suggestions, please contact us via email