Below are the hotel information including both on-campus and off-campus hotels.

  •  Off-campus hotels 

Please refer to the pdf file for details MTNS2018 Hotel Form and return it on or before 10 June, 2018 if you wish to make a reservation.

  • On-campus hotel

    Please refer to the hotel website on how to get to Conference Lodge 

  • On April 30, we have informed those who plan to stay in the on-campus hotel on the dates and room type. In case any of you did not receive the email, please send a reminder to so that we can arrange the room for you. 

Due to the limited number of rooms available, on-campus hotel rooms will be arranged on a first-come-first-serve basis (priorities will be given to plenary & semi-plenary speakers as well as steering committee members).

The booking deadline is 29 April 2018. If you plan to stay on on-campus, please fill in the Excel file ConferenceLodgeGuest and return it to

We will let you know the booking outcome before 30 April 2018.